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Take a Ride with Raunchy Rada

Don’t be fooled by this innocent looking Australian brunette babe, as Rada is ready to rock your world, but first she must accomplish her own gratification before she tends to yours! This naturally delicious beauty, with her hairy pits and cunt will captivate your attention with just one glimpse. As Rada exposes herself slowly, she […]

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Get Acquainted with Jenner As She Explores her Sexuality

From her perfectly proportioned physique to her vibrant hair and flawless skin, Jenner is a hot commodity with GirlsOutWest members. Whether she’s outside exploring the wilderness, getting a workout or is licking, fingering, sucking and fucking outdoors, Jenner is a true performer who thrives on attention and is a high octane sexual being. “I love […]

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Hairy & Horny Mallory at Your Service

With the astrological sign of an Aries, Mallory is intensely passionate, and often displays somewhat of an animalistic, take-charge approach when it comes to sexual encounters. Mallory has the most deliciously toned skin and with her naturally curly hair, she pleasantly displays a full pubic bush in addition to sexy armpit fur. This exotic vixen […]

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Buns & Boobs of Steel

Steel is a blonde feminist that lives without boundaries and is a proud queer who can be both soft and rugged at the same time, which is quite baffling how she waivers between the 2 so seamlessly. She has been one of GirlsOutWest resident talents and we’ve been blessed to capture over 90 different scenes with […]

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Get Your Freak on with Fae

Fae Sparx is a curvy and vivacious babe with amazing big tits and a personality to go along with them. Whilst this sexy Aussie babe reveals all her hidden agendas to our all-female production crew, she also exposes her geeky side and how she is a HUGE Dungeons and Dragons fan and loves fantasy over […]

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Tello Exposes & Explores Her Assets

If you’re looking for something a little more exotic than your typical girl-next-door type, then Tello is a sexy 22-year-old babe who was untainted, until she found GirlsOutWest. With her long flowing brunette hair and dark features, Tello was a natural in front of our cameras, and even though we popped her cherry, you would […]

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Spunky She-ra Rotates Her Hips for Fun

She’s got all the right moves, is raw and what’s more, she loves to expose her hairy bits and pieces in front of our cameras. Her name is She-ra and she’s an adventurous little bombshell who takes great pride in doing whatever the fuck she likes! As a hula-hooping enthusiast, She-ra didn’t hesitate when being […]

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Sexy Scorpio Ricky, Wants to Take You for a Ride

This sassy little number will get your heart racing as she takes you on adventures that will have your blood pumping. Ricky is a sexy 22-year-old who got her start with GirlsOutWest when she found herself struggling to make ends meet while being a full-time student and part-time waitress at night. “I’d always considered working […]

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Tiffany’s That Girl Next Door Who Longs for Your Attention

She may appear sweet and innocent, but this sassy Sagittarius is anything but! While studying at the Victorian College of the Arts in Southbank, Victoria, Tiffany needed a means to cover living expenses as she’s an independent 18-year-old who regrettably doesn’t have supportive parents, and that’s when she discovered a poster attached to a power […]

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Naughty Natacha Loves to Explore More than the Outdoors

When it comes to admiring a girl next door, Natacha is the kind of youthful blonde babe that you might imagine. This 23-year-old Australian Scorpio seems sweet but is more often cheeky and filled with outrageous surprises as she appears to enjoy shocking those that ponder and admire her flirtatious demeanor. While very outgoing, Natacha […]

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Sultry Kimberlie Reveals Her Sassy Side

If you’ve ever wanted your car washed, this sassy Aussie chick with her long brunette hair and crystal blue eyes is the one you want to hire for the job! Kimberlie is the optimal “Girl Next Door” that you could take home to meet your parents knowing that when you get back to your place, […]

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Jerk Off to Horny Juniper

Juniper is an erotic blonde babe who thrives when being outdoors. From exploring the wilderness hiking, to hanging out with girlfriends at the beach or sight seeing as she tours around Australia and the globe. Even when at home Juniper Stone can be found tending to her garden in the most provocative way’s and often […]

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Sexy Freckled Cate Basks in the Glory of Sunlight

If you’ve had your doubts about redheads, maybe this sizzling hot 20-year-old Australian amateur will convince you otherwise. Cate is as sensual as they come, and she loves to bask in the sunlight as she’s a spiritual vixen who believes that the rays from the sun help you to grow in more ways than one. […]

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Horny Hannah Flirts with the Idea of Being with Another Female

With the astrological sign of Cancer, Hannah is a truly sensual woman who loves to toy with the camera, frolicking in her sheer dress, teasing, and manipulating the situation to suit her sexual needs and desires. This all-natural busty Australian beauty has a compelling hunger for sex and thrives upon the attention that she receives, […]

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Big Breasted Angie is Gorgeous from Every Angle…

This stunning brunette babe with her naturally big tits is a true beauty from every angle that you view her from. Even her ass is perfect in every sense as it’s just the right amount of roundness that one would desire. Angie is one of those girls who loves being outdoors, likes to play rough […]

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Raunchy Ripley Ready to Rock Your World

As a youthful Leo, Ripley is an energy filled teen that embellishes on being the center of attention, so it comes as no surprise that even before our cameras begin rolling, Ripley is goofing off and cracking the entire crew up with her comical, yet cute antics. When we first encountered Ripley, we quickly learned […]

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Lillilum Letting Loose

Being a free-spirited woman who sports a persona that will consume you, this Aussie beauty who is comfortable in her skin, is one who will amaze you with her unique look, and flirtatious ways. Lillilum is one of the most adventurous females we’ve come across and takes the time to explain to our crew in […]

Brunette Hairy Armpits Hairy Pussy Outdoors Slim Young Amateurs (early to mid 20s)

Weaving a Web of Pleasure with Feather

This brunette Aussie babe is an extraordinarily rare find as she has what’s called “heterochromia”, which is when a person’s eyes are different colors. Feather’s left eye is brown, whereas her right eye is a  combo of blue and green, making her truly unique and exquisite. If her hypnotic gaze doesn’t consume you, then surely […]

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Curvy Chick With Massive Boobs Fucks Her Pussy & Ass In The Backyard

Girls Out West : Curvy Chick With Massive Boobs Fucks Her Pussy & Ass In The Backyard Busty lady Sylvia Rose goes to the garden to retrieve some of her home grown basil for dinner tonight. Fresh cannot be beaten! Right? That smell of picked basil just fills her up, followed by the feeling of […]

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Three Lesbian Chicks Enjoy Oral Sex And Squirting During BBQ

Girls Out West: Three Lesbian Chicks Enjoy Oral Sex And Squirting During BBQ There is a small BBQ party in the backyard where sexy blonde Charlie Forde is grilling sausages for her cute brunette girlfriends Astrid and Olive. These pigtailed Aussie chicks are open to all kinds of mischief and it’s not long before they […]