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Horny Nicole Unveils her Naughty Side

This 22-year-old, brunette housewife couldn’t resist the opportunity to work with GirlsOutWest after finding a flyer posted by a nearby train station on route to her home after grocery shopping. During her first interview with our all-female production crew, Nicole admitted that she was nervous about making the initial call as she’d never done anything […]

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Get Acquainted with Jenner As She Explores her Sexuality

From her perfectly proportioned physique to her vibrant hair and flawless skin, Jenner is a hot commodity with GirlsOutWest members. Whether she’s outside exploring the wilderness, getting a workout or is licking, fingering, sucking and fucking outdoors, Jenner is a true performer who thrives on attention and is a high octane sexual being. “I love […]

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Be Mesmerized by Mia Amethyst & Her Kinky Ways!

You won’t find too many Aussies quite like this one! Mia is not your ordinary, everyday kind of girl as she loves to explore new things, leads with an open mind, and has a naughty persona, especially when it comes to her sexuality. Furthermore, Mia Amethyst has an all-natural body that accentuates her personality and […]

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Cheeky Charlie Loves to Experiment with Horny Female Friends

This dazzling blonde babe is Charlie Forde, who has gone from the girl next door to the freak between the sheets (although sheets aren’t usually included). While Charlie initially came to GirlsOutWest just to make a little extra cash, she quickly discovered her passion for sex and fast became a regular on set with our […]

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Observe Allegra’s Hairy Antics

As a self-proclaimed “All round dirty girl”, Allegra certainly brings spice when it comes to entertainment. With her lean physique, slender legs and tiny tits, Allegra has the grace of a dancer but kinky positions of a horny vixen who yearns for orgasmic pleasure. Having worked with this hot Aussie brunette multiple times over the […]

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Tello Exposes & Explores Her Assets

If you’re looking for something a little more exotic than your typical girl-next-door type, then Tello is a sexy 22-year-old babe who was untainted, until she found GirlsOutWest. With her long flowing brunette hair and dark features, Tello was a natural in front of our cameras, and even though we popped her cherry, you would […]

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Sexy Scorpio Ricky, Wants to Take You for a Ride

This sassy little number will get your heart racing as she takes you on adventures that will have your blood pumping. Ricky is a sexy 22-year-old who got her start with GirlsOutWest when she found herself struggling to make ends meet while being a full-time student and part-time waitress at night. “I’d always considered working […]

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Peachy Shares Her Fuzzy Fantasies

When it comes to being “Peachy”, this sexy Australian babe certainly takes the cake. From her juicy breasts with suckable areolas, to her perfectly sculptured ass to compliment her freakishly fun demeanor, Peachy is one of the many female talents that we’ve worked with that truly grasped being on set and utilized her sexuality to […]

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Isabelle Fulfills Her Female Fantasy

As a girl from the outskirts of the town of Bendigo, just 2 hours north-west of Melbourne, Isabelle grew up with country roots and the common traditions that are expected from living in what was once a sheep station but later became a boom town when the discovery of gold was found in Bendigo Creek […]

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Michelle’s Sexual Flexibility

This sexy blonde bombshell with her neatly trimmed pubic hair is unlike most women as she is flexible as hell! As Michelle struts her stuff around the kitchen, bending over as she leans into the fridge to get the only carrot that remains in the veggie draw, she gives a sneak peak of what’s under […]

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Sexy Freckled Cate Basks in the Glory of Sunlight

If you’ve had your doubts about redheads, maybe this sizzling hot 20-year-old Australian amateur will convince you otherwise. Cate is as sensual as they come, and she loves to bask in the sunlight as she’s a spiritual vixen who believes that the rays from the sun help you to grow in more ways than one. […]

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How Daiquiri Rose Became Sexually Exposed

If you’ve got a fetish for busty Aussie babes, then Daiquiri Rose is the curvy amateur that will smoother you with her huge natural boobs till you need to come up for air. This horny 19-year-old loves to get down and dirty and took the liberty of sharing some of her highly sexual experiences and […]

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Bouncing with Blonde Bombshell Billie

Check out this youthful blonde Aussie babe as she seductively reveals her sexy assets. Billie is ripe for the picking and is only 21 years old, yet her maturity goes well beyond her age and can be seen as she gazes into the camera. When Billie first came to GirlsOutWest she appeared shy and slightly […]

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Nicole G – A Hedonistic Heroin of Happiness

If you’re looking for something, or someone who is outside the realm of the mundane, then Nicole G is most definitely the heroin of happiness that you’re in need of who will bring a sense of joy and erotic pleasure into your life. As a curvy Scorpio, Nicole is adventurous and loves to indulge in […]