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How Daiquiri Rose Became Sexually Exposed

If you’ve got a fetish for busty Aussie babes, then Daiquiri Rose is the curvy amateur that will smoother you with her huge natural boobs till you need to come up for air.

This horny 19-year-old loves to get down and dirty and took the liberty of sharing some of her highly sexual experiences and making us realize truly fortunate we were to be working with her.

Despite Daiquiri Rose’s age, she’s already been a part of an orgy, mixed with both men and women on numerous occasions and goes into detail with how she found her way into such a deviant sexual nature.
“I was barely 18 when I began dating an older man who first introduced me to having a threesome with another woman who was significantly older than me and had a lot of experience which taught me a lot about myself” Daiquiri explains then continues “While it was a little nerve wrecking at first, because I was the center of both of their attention during this escapade, I quickly dropped my inhibitions and allowed myself to truly enjoy the experience.”

Daiquiri continues to proclaim the importance of being comfortable in your own skin and how in doing so you can explore a whole new realm of sexual gratification, which is how she eventually began participating in orgies.

All of this was being explained to our production team as the cameras were rolling while Daiquiri slowly seduced us with her story whilst erotically removing her sexy red attire and rubbing her wet pussy in the process.

To top it all off, as Daiquiri was reaching climax, she informed us how she fantasizes about being involved in an all-woman orgy and made it known that if ever GirlsOutWest was coordinating such an event that she would willing participate without hesitance.

I suspect that we will see more of the sexy and sensual Daiquiri Rose in the very near future, but in the meantime, you can see all her naughty antics at GirlsOutWest.