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Isabelle Fulfills Her Female Fantasy

As a girl from the outskirts of the town of Bendigo, just 2 hours north-west of Melbourne, Isabelle grew up with country roots and the common traditions that are expected from living in what was once a sheep station but later became a boom town when the discovery of gold was found in Bendigo Creek back in the mid 1800’s.
While quite a lot has changed since the Victorian gold rush era, Isabelle’s heritage and upbringing was quite strict, making her renowned for rebelling against her parents and upon her 19th birthday she broadened her horizons and found her way to the big city of Melbourne.

“All I ever wanted to do was escape the small-town life and explore the bright lights of the big city”, say’s Isabelle during our first initial interview with her.

Isabelle continues to explain to us that she’d always found herself attracted to other females but wouldn’t dare act upon it as her parents would strongly disagree with her urges and potentially disown her for having what they considered a forbidden attraction.

This sexy blonde Australian amateur with her lovely shaped boobs took the first opportunity to leave Bendigo by enrolling in college classes and whilst Isabelle had already acquired a diploma attending Victoria University, she opted to continue her education to obtain a bachelor’s degree in arts and humanities.

“Having to pay my way through uni, I’ve had many odd jobs, from waitressing to bartending, which is where I met Hannah who I felt very attracted to on our first encounter.

Hannah and I quickly became good mates and she’s the one who introduced me to GirlsOutWest” states Isabelle who further says, “Even then, I wasn’t confident in my bisexuality and had no idea that Hannah was that way inclined, so when I learned of her attraction to me, I was ALL IN!”

Yes, that’s right, Isabelle’s first sexual encounter with another woman was captured on film by us after first easing her into a few solo scenes to get her comfortable.

While it was exploratory between these 2 hot Aussie chicks, once they got into the rhythm of things, they naturally gravitated towards one another, kissing, and fondling each other’s subtle breasts and moist pussies till they dove their tongues into one another’s cunts, darting in and out as our cameras rolled.

“I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to explore my sexuality at GirlsOutWest and vow never to turn my back on my sexual needs and desires again!”