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Meet Eden Holly & her heart shaped nipples

Don’t be fooled by this innocent looking Aussie beauty, as Eden Holly has a dirty and devious side to her. While her age might lead you to believe that she’s inexperienced, this Sagittarius has a mesmerizing capability to seduce through spontaneity and is mature in her sexual actions, being honest and transparent as to what […]

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Lucious Leia Explores Herself in the Great Outdoors

At the ripe age of 19, Leia answered one of our local ads wanting to learn more about what it is that GirlsOutWest does, and while at first this leggy Australian babe was reluctant to proceed, a few days later she called us back asking when she could come in for an interview. As Leia […]

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Wicked Willow Ready to Reveal her Kinky Bits

Willow has been a frequent flyer with GirlsOutWest and occasionally swings by our studio unexpectedly whenever she’s in town. This high octane, sexy energy Australian babe has a thirst for pleasure and never ceases to amaze our crew as she gets down and dirty on camera. With her perfectly proportioned curves, full breasts and plump […]

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Badda Bing with Bodacious Bailey

From her perky breasts with little itty-bitty nipples, to her spunky blonde locks, Bailey is a rambunctious blonde 18 teen year old who thrives upon attention, which shines through once our camera’s start rolling. Entering our studio at the ripe old age of 18, Bailey took to our interview like it was being graded by […]

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Be Seduced by Saucy Serena & Friends

Don’t let the glasses fool you, Serena is a deviate little vixen who flourishes when provided attention, especially when it’s sexually orientated. This horny Australian born, Asian babe enjoys dancing, live music and has a huge fascination with BDSM, which she intends to explore more of as she eases her way into experimentation with the […]

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Gemini Pushes the Boundaries & Reveals Her Lesbian Side.

She’s youthful, athletic, and gorgeous! When it comes to a well proportioned and sexual woman, Gemini is a fan favorite at GirlsOutWest because no matter what challenges are put before her, she not only accomplishes, but conquers our desires, and hers. This hot Australian babe is full of life that exerts sexuality and oozes charisma, […]

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Succumb to Grace’s Masturbation Techniques

This sexy little Aussie is Grace, who is very fond of pleasuring herself while having adoring eyes watch her. “I think my need for constant sexual stimulation makes this opportunity all the more appealing”, Grace explains when asked why she wished to work with GirlsOutWest. As soon as she “Graced” our set, it was obvious […]

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Exposing the Freak within Fawn

Since her debut in June of 2022, Fawn has blossomed into a fiery beauty who has transformed from the girl-next-door to a frisky freak who loves to be captured on film. Fawn’s first on camera female threesome with fan favorites Emberly and Fox, was astounding, yet Fawn admits to being nervous in her interview but […]

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Naughty Natacha Loves to Explore More than the Outdoors

When it comes to admiring a girl next door, Natacha is the kind of youthful blonde babe that you might imagine. This 23-year-old Australian Scorpio seems sweet but is more often cheeky and filled with outrageous surprises as she appears to enjoy shocking those that ponder and admire her flirtatious demeanor. While very outgoing, Natacha […]

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Sexy Freckled Cate Basks in the Glory of Sunlight

If you’ve had your doubts about redheads, maybe this sizzling hot 20-year-old Australian amateur will convince you otherwise. Cate is as sensual as they come, and she loves to bask in the sunlight as she’s a spiritual vixen who believes that the rays from the sun help you to grow in more ways than one. […]