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Cheeky Charlie Loves to Experiment with Horny Female Friends

This dazzling blonde babe is Charlie Forde, who has gone from the girl next door to the freak between the sheets (although sheets aren’t usually included). While Charlie initially came to GirlsOutWest just to make a little extra cash, she quickly discovered her passion for sex and fast became a regular on set with our […]

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Spunky She-ra Rotates Her Hips for Fun

She’s got all the right moves, is raw and what’s more, she loves to expose her hairy bits and pieces in front of our cameras. Her name is She-ra and she’s an adventurous little bombshell who takes great pride in doing whatever the fuck she likes! As a hula-hooping enthusiast, She-ra didn’t hesitate when being […]

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Weaving a Web of Pleasure with Feather

This brunette Aussie babe is an extraordinarily rare find as she has what’s called “heterochromia”, which is when a person’s eyes are different colors. Feather’s left eye is brown, whereas her right eye is a  combo of blue and green, making her truly unique and exquisite. If her hypnotic gaze doesn’t consume you, then surely […]

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A Link to Kink with Page

Page loves to explore all sorts of things and spends most of her free time exploring fine wine and cuisine, which includes her dabbling in cooking exotic dishes at home when time permits with an oaky red by her side, sipping casually as she hovers over the oven. When questioning Page about her sexual appetite […]