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From her perfectly proportioned physique to her vibrant hair and flawless skin, Jenner is a hot commodity with GirlsOutWest members. Whether she’s outside exploring the wilderness, getting a workout or is licking, fingering, sucking and fucking outdoors, Jenner is a true performer who thrives on attention and is a high octane sexual being. “I love […]

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Fucking In The Australian Wilderness

Romantic canoe trip of Girls Out West gal Jenner and her lover Jake quickly turns into a crazy outdoor fuck and oral sex! Paddling their inflatable canoe on the calm river through the forest, these two start to frolic, splashing water with paddles and getting soaked as they hop into the muddy river by the […]

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Sex Adventure Of Two Lesbian Girls

Hitchhiking alone can be a thrilling experience for such an open-minded lesbian girl as Girls Out West Jenner is. You never know what sexual adventure may come if you get a lift from a gorgeous young female driver who likes chicks too! Brunette amateur girl Rose is on a car trip, driving her van across […]