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Hairy babe fists herself as her huge titted girlfriend sits on her face

Girls Out West : Hairy babe fists herself as her huge titted girlfriend sits on her face

Redheaded farmgirl Sylvia Rose has just come home from the paddocks feeling pretty exhausted unaware of the plans her sexy pigtailed blondie Laney Day made up to make her day. She sits down on the chair while Laney, standing behind, starts treating her with a nice stress-releasing neck massage followed by a little smooch which immediately brings a smile to Sylvia´s face. Feeling Sylvia´s curvy body soften slowly under her little palms, passionate Laney slides her hands down to Sylvia´s huge tits making them pop out from her yellow bra. What a relief having them finally free!


Sylvia´s body thrills at the touch of Laney´s warm hands. Laney, taking off her top too, moves close to Sylvia and presses her firm boobs against Sylvia´s huge ones, enjoying the mutual friction of their nipples. Sylvia, hot and horny now, slips Laney´s panties down to find with her moist tongue the most sensitive areas between Laney´s thighs. Licking and sucking on Laney´s clit, she slips two fingers inside her wet hairy pussy. But lascivious Laney yearns for more. Flexed over, she fists herself while inviting Sylvia to queen on her. What an incredible position to reach an orgasm!