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Cute freckled Amelia and redheaded Katie fuck on the kitchen counter

GirlsOutWest : Cute freckled Amelia and redheaded Katie fuck on the kitchen counter

Sexy freckled Amelia comes to the kitchen to meet her redheaded lesbian partner Katie Gee. Curly Amelia is in the mood for a good fuck. To allure chubby Katie to the erotic games they could play together, she has a plan. She starts baking pouring the ingredients purporsely down her firm breasts, insisting, with a laugh, that Katie should help her to clean the mess. Leaning over sitting Katie, she starts massaging her shoulders and piece by piece getting her naked. Amelia´s tongue darts in and out of Katie´s mouth and it certainly stimulates Katie´s appetite for more.


They move to the kitchen counter where Katie Gee hoists Amelia up on. She willingly offers her sex-hungry hairy pussy to the playful tips of Katie´s fingers to get a massage of her vaginal opening while she squats on the brink. Her round hips rise in anticipation. Katie´s fingers slide deeper and deeper until she is as far as she can reach. With every thrust Amelia´s closer and closer to cumming. It feels so good! She instinctively squeezes her eyes shut to focus as much as she can on a massive orgasm that spreads through her body like a hot mind-blowing explosion!