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Sultry Aussie Asian Babe Jean Comes Outta the Closet.

She’s full of energy and not afraid to use it! Jean is a sultry Asian babe with Aussie roots who enjoys contemporary art, designing her own clothes and physical activity.
While Jean has an innocent demeanor, she is open about her sexuality and came out to her family and peers as soon she became of age, which took her down a path of experimentation and exploration, opening up a world of pleasure that she never anticipated.

During this time she discovered GirlsOutWest and what it represented, and ever since she has frequented our studios.
“I’ve always admired the curves of a woman, and I first discovered my infatuation with women when I would spa during martial arts training with a variety of female partners” Jean explains.

When questioned during our initial interview as to when she realized her sexuality Jean said “When one of my martial arts peers asked me out for drinks and we both went in for the kill”.
In addition to sexual preferences, Jean loves to model sexy attire.
From sexy boots to thigh high fishnets and so much more. If you don’t believe us, then click HERE and see for yourself!