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Sexy cuties finger each other’s bushy cunts

Girls Out West : Sexy cuties finger each other’s bushy cunts

Quickies are great, we all do agree. However, long romantic sex, being deeply intimate, absorbing every single moment of given and received pleasure, feeling free with no annoying time pressure, can be even better. And exactly this is what Aussie beauties Amelia and Sophia Rose are enjoying in this latest GirlsOutWest video – the luxury of slow sensual lovemaking. These hairy brunettes, caught at the beginning of their love game, kiss affectionately while moving to the bed. They feel the sweet taste of their moist lips, their tongues dart gently into each other’s open mouth. Their little hands rub each other´s arms until their butter smooth skin gets tingly. Curly ginger Amelia pushes gently long-haired Sophia flat on the bed and cups her conical tits squeezing them lightly. She gently brushes her fingertips over Sophia´s crotch, sending the electric sizzle all the way down to her toes. Sophia opens her lean thighs wide apart offering her extremely bushy pussy to Amelia´s exploring fingers…