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A Ray of Sunshine with a Hairy Side

She’s diverse, free-spirited, and freakishly fun to be around on set, but what is Ray like behind the scenes?

When Ray first walked through our studio doors at GirlsOutWest it was lust at first sight!
With her lean physique and perky little boobs, and unique persona, we were drawn to Ray immediately.
Furthermore, we’d noticed from the moment she walked in that she hadn’t shaved her legs, which only made us question whether she was hairy elsewhere?

And thank God she was!
As we sat and interviewed Ray, we had no idea what she had installed for us but as we dove into her background, we quickly discovered that Ray is a sexual being that thrives upon intimacy that is gentle and tender, and when she revealed that her zodiac sign was Cancer, it all made sense.

“I’ve always been intrigued with sex, hence me being bisexual” Ray states. “Regardless of who I’m with, it’s my pleasure to fulfill my partners desires as long as they’re willing to consummate mine”
Since her debut, Ray has accumulated a total of 68 different scenes with GirlsOutWest, featuring solo and alongside a plethora of other sexy Australian talent, but the true highlight of Ray is that she is all-natural from head to toe.

From armpit hair to a delightfully trimmed pubic bush and naturally hairy legs, Ray is the ultimate score when seeking a beauty who is completely unique in every aspect of the word.
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