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Naughty Chick Lulu Punished By Hairy Laney Before Lesbian Sex

Having a hot female housemate can be fun as long as you do your part of house duties which is not the case of our cutie named Lulu. This naughty long haired chick has been so lazy, kicking back on the couch all day, playing with her phone and refusing to help her housemate Laney with the laundry. It seriously pisses Laney off and she doesn’t want to tolerate this. Instead, she gets Lulu to show her bare ass and take the punishment – slapping her sexy buttocks while Lulu lies over her knees. This kinky stuff is a huge turn on for Lulu and she actually wants more. Laney loves to feel dominant over her young girlfriend and it makes her randy as well.

After a  while, Lulu’s buttocks are red from the spanking while her pussy is wet from arousal. Kissing and teasing each other, the Aussie girls start to make out as busty Laney sticks fingers into Lulu’s cunt and licks her asshole. For the perfect mutual cunnilingus, the ladies get into the 69 position and give each other lesbian oral sex. Lulu penetrates Laney’s hairy pussy from behind with her fingers and makes her moan in pleasure, before Laney sits on Lulu’s face to let Lulu eat her out. Gorgeous babe Lulu puts a lot of effort into finger-fucking and licking of Laney’s bush, which brings Laney orgasmic satisfaction.


Laney & LuLu – Help Me Out!