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Hairy Babe Emerald And Asian Girl Serena Practice Oral Sex

Girls Out West: Hairy Babe Emerald And Asian Girl Serena Practice Oral Sex

We are sure you all remember our cheeky hairy girl Emerald who has alway been highly popular at Girls Out West with most members wishing for more porn videos with her. Well, she is back again just a little bit hornier, naughtier and hairier! Vivacious babe Emerald invites Asian hottie Serena to taste some sweet creamy cakes and have some tea. Licking the sugar bits off their fingers and feeding each other, Emerald seduces Serena with her dirty talk and slutty look and she gets turned on quickly. Reaching for a cup of tea, Emerald bends in her miniskirt exposing her sexy ass and Serena can’t resist to touch it. Kissing and licking each other’s erect nipples they throw off their clothes for some lesbian pleasure. Sitting in front of each other Serena worships Emerald’s beautiful legs, sucking her toes while getting mesmerized by her naked bush. Eating out her hairy pussy, Serena penetrates Emerald with fingers, making her moan deeply from pleasure before giving her an extensive orgasm. Standing nude and leaning against the wall, Serena gets her juicy shaved cunt licked by Emerald before turning around and having her asshole tasted. Emerald keenly pushes her face in between Serena’s nice firm buttocks and Serena adores that as she squirms and pants. Two fingers drilling her vagina is an orgasm guarantee. Loving footjobs, Serena starts to stimulate Emerald’s unshaved crotch with her feet. Performing anal rimming on her pooper, she finishes Emerald with fingers in both her holes.



Emerald & Serena – High Tea