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This stunning brunette babe with her naturally big tits is a true beauty from every angle that you view her from. Even her ass is perfect in every sense as it’s just the right amount of roundness that one would desire.
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Amidst all the laughs, Angie disclosed just how down and dirty she likes to get as she begins exposing herself sensually to our cameras and was quite vocal in everything that she did, which included her screaming orgasms where at one point we thought we were going to get caught in the area that we were shooting.
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And as things progressed, this busty vixen went as far as telling us all about a foursome she once had with one other woman and 2 random guys while attending a 3-day festival in Queensland which appeared to be exciting her as she recollected the tale and began to orgasm.
While Angie continues her studies, she models to help supplement her living expenses but admits that she enjoys modeling and intends to continue even after she gets her degree.

Angie also hopes to join the mile high club one day while exploring the world.

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