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Big boobed Emberly and Fox make love in bath of roses

Girls Out West : Big boobed Emberly and Fox make love in bath of roses

Super cute plump Emberly and redhead Fox spend their time in a savage garden. On a lazy summer afternoon, these busty lesbians in chubby dresses wearing no underwear, are enjoying their company picking up the blooming flowers. They immerse themselves in the magical moment of sharing occasional kisses and sweet touches. The cheeky mood, they are in, brings the idea of preserving the flowers for later… Guess how! By pressing them between those huge tits of sexy Emberly! The girls, turned on now, find a new purpose for the flowers. They can scatter them into the hot bath and carry their lustful game on. After sliding into the bath the petals stick to their wet bodies like little scented postmarks. One stuck on Fox’s aroused nipple, one on her red pubic hair, and the next one between their wet lips… the destination is the heaven of pleasure. Hot water makes the blood bubble in the lovers´ veins, rushing throughout their horny flesh. They kiss passionately grabbing and kneading their big natural breasts franticly. These hirsute ladies are splendid lovers. The hard clits stimulated by the skillful tongues and the deep fingering of their hairy cunts make them both reach satisfying orgasms, with sweet juices all over, making the bath perfect!