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Hairy Olive G gets magic wand massage from her hot girlfriend

GirlsOutWest : Hairy Olive G gets magic wand massage from her hot girlfriend

Hirsute cutie Olive G feels tension in her back therefore she comes to the landing where Ripley is sitting on a cozy couch. She gratefully accepts Ripley´s offer to give her a massage. Olive nestles down on the floor between Ripley´s bare legs exposing her aching back to Ripley´s warm gentle hands. The thin strips of her silky gown slide down from her skinny shoulders. Only her tiny breasts prevent it from falling completely. Her sensitized skin responds to the slightest touch of Ripley´s soft caressing. But to beat the pain, deeper massage is necessary. For this purpose Ripley rushes to her room to fetch a tool she always relies on – the good old Hitachi magic wand. Vibrations soon spread through Olive´s body awakening each part of her young flesh. She feels Ripley´s soft full boobs pressing against her back as Ripley reaches down and squeezes her little erect nipple.


The mutual sexual tension is clear now. Ripley´s hand sneaks down past Olive´s belly to gently pinch her hairy pussy through the nylon of her panties. Ripley can feel the wetness, the juices behind the nylon. She asks Olive to take her clothes off and Olive agrees eagerly. She spreads her legs wide apart to let Ripley´s fingers play with her hard clit. A thriling massage of her pink button drives Olive crazy. At the point when two fingers slide into her moist cave, she almost screams from pleasure. She is utterly turned on now. Her breath deepens and her hips thrust forwards following the fingers moving deep inside her. She wants to be fucked. In no time she stretches herself on the floor offering her swollen cunt to Ripley´s hungry tongue and soon bursts into climax. Still shaking, she sits down on the couch ready to satisfy her lesbian lover too.

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