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Sensual Sophia Rose makes Olive G´s erotic dreams come true

Girls Out West : Sensual Sophia Rose makes Olive G´s erotic dreams come true

„I am a genie in a bottle and I am here to make your dreams come true.“ … these are the words we all would love to hear, don´t we? More so if the genie is not a big ugly man like in the old fairy tale, but a beautiful sensual long haired girl named Sophia Rose dressed in a pink silky miniskirt robe. She all of a sudden stands in front of surprised Olive G who has found the magical lamp and rubbed it. Petite lustful Olive G doesn´t have to think twice. She knows perfectly well what she wants. To become a millionaire and experience the best lesbian sex in her life right there with the hot female genie.

So Sophia Rose obediently takes her bra off showing her conical breasts with big pink nipples pointing directly to Olive´s face who feels an irresistible urge to suck them. Sophia´s hands roam Olive´s tight body turning her on. The girls kiss long and hard with passion. Meanwhile, Olive G reaches around her back, unhooking her bra, and then let it drop down onto the floor. It feels good to have her small boobs naked so that she can offer them to the genie´s warm lips and skillful tongue. Her nipples get firm and she arches her back with pleasure. Now it´s the right time for Olive G to sit back on her elbows, spreading her legs wide apart, allowing Sophia Rose easy access to her hairy, dripping pussy.

Pleasuring her hard clit orally the genie´s tongue starts to move faster and faster until she can hear Olive´s loud groaning. Sophia Rose gets on her knees and in a queening position lets Olive, in return, take care of her juicy cunt. Back between Olive´s thighs, her fingers gently work through the bush to find her moist cunthole and slide inside easily. Slowly fucking her with a finger, it makes Olive G scream as she orgasms and squirts!