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Naughty Schoolgirls Caught Cheating

Freckled Abby and pale Tamzin are two naughty female students known for constant misbehaving in school and cheating on exams. The feared headmistress Mrs Darcy is extremely strict about discipline at her girls’ school so when she catches these two, they won’t escape her punishment! Mrs Darcy lifts the miniskirts of their school uniforms revealing the cheat-sheets stuffed in their undies as she pulls them down! Soon the girls find out that Darcy is not only strict, but also a bit perverse! The punishment is weird but enjoyable since Darcy slaps their buttocks with her hand then tells them to kiss each other while she fingers their furry cunts from behind! The girls become wet and redheaded Darcy proceeds to lick their holes as she kneels and puts her tongue in between their arsecheeks. Giving cunnilingus and rimjobs to the unshaved schoolgirls Darcy makes them come and feels horny craving more pussy licking. Then in her office, the two chicks try to put the blame on each other but Mrs Darcy is merciless. They have to get naked then Tamzin lies down on the desk to get her hairy pussy licked by cute Abby while Darcy stands by letting Tamzin play with her crotch. Doesn’t take long and screaming Tamzin cums hard from the intensive pussy and ass licking but the dirty headmistress gives orders to make Abby orgasm too. Fingering her bush, Tamzin does her best to give Abby the desired climax while Darcy sticks her bare ass to her face then pinches her nipples, but it’s not until Abby starts to rub her own clitoris …moaning loud and orgasming shortly. Check out this thrilling preview of the new Girls Out West lesbian video!


[flv:Girls-Out-West-naughty-hairy-schoolgirls-get-punished.flv 592 333]

Abby, Darcy & Tamzin – Cheaters (FULL LENGTH)