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Hot chubby blonde Dallas Mae loves body painting

Girls Out West : Hot chubby blonde Dallas Mae loves body painting

Chubby blondie Dallas Mae is waiting for inspiration for her painting. Sometimes it takes time till it comes, but hot Dallas has got inspired soon. However, instead of painting canvas, why not use her own sexy curvy body to turn it into a masterpiece? All she needs is just a painting brush and some colors. Taking off her top she uncovers her huge boobs popping out of her white bra. Smooth touch with the brush on top of them and her juggs look irresistible. But why not carry on and paint the belly too? With no hesitation, Dallas takes off her jeans and stands there just in her white underwear. The hard hair of the brush “dancing” so close to her labia sends quick flashes of lust to Dallas´s clitoris and she gets pretty wet. Stimulating her prominent inner lips through the soft material of the pants makes her moan with pleasure soon. Lust spreading over her plump body needs to be satisfied. Kneeling on the sofa, all naked covered just with the paint, she keeps massaging her magic button from behind. The circular movements heat her crotch and her velvet smooth pussy becomes wet. If you think now it´s the right time to use some sex toys, you are right. Dallas grabs a butt plug and slides it into her tight asshole. Leaving it there she invites her purple vibrating “friend” to stimulate her vulva with agonizing pressure until she screams from a massive orgasm.