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evie – bathing box

Evie’s hangin’ out at the bathing boxes. Something pink, phallic and ridgy pokes out of the pocket of her skin-tight jeans… Something that puts her in a playful mood… She strips off her denims to stretch her long, long legs before getting down to nothing but her cute little pink bra!

She doesn’t waste any time in squatting down to ram that interesting-looking dildo in as far as it’ll go. She pumps it in and pulls it out, over and over, her face shows how much she’s loving all the brilliant feelings her little friend is giving her!

She falls back on her ass to get some better leverage, watching intently as it disappears inside her then reemerges, wet and gooey… Evie certainly knows a lot about self-pleasure! She thrusts her trusty toy in and out from almost every angle! As you all know, masturbation is better with butt-play… Our blonde babe pushes a finger in for that extra little bit of intensity!

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