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daina – laptop

Delicious Daina is back, lounging around in her big cream bed playing around on her laptop. Like many of us, she has trouble staying focused on the task at hand in this high-tech, digital day and age… Her attention wanders… She starts clicking around… She finds herself peeking at something rather rude, something that makes her grab her crotch and go, “oooh!”!

Our delicate darling gets a little flushed, the temperature rises and she peels off her skin-tight jeans to give her pretty little pussy and neat patch of pubes some room to breathe…

Her fingers creep down, down, down to where all those hot, moist and tingly sensations were coming from. She spreads her vagina wide, from above, reaching round, from behind, underneath… She pulls her white singlet off over her incredible, plentiful breasts so she can give them a satisfying and rough squeeze to amplify the pleasure her skilled fingers are giving her…

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