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dice and evie

A couple of my buddies, Dice and Evie, lost their porno virginity to us today!

They’re a beautiful couple who love shagging as much as they love hanging out. Evie has a lovely willowy body, almost 6 foot tall with dewy skin, blonde hair and glasses, she looks so good with the buff, tattooed kick-boxer, Dice…

We started so early today! We got to Dice’s stunning deco apartment where the two of them giggled and flirted while getting ready.

The video starts with Dice giving Evie a personal training session in the park, working her hard… She gets him back eventually, forcing him to fuck her with his tongue and ordring him about… Not to mention the whipping when they get home!

There were a few too many people in the park, unfortunately (isn’t that always the way?!) so the cute couple had a little trouble getting comfortable… We went for a little lunch break, Annie shouted us a yummy meal then it was back to work!

After cruising back to Dice’s the two of them have a steamy shower together, licking and sucking, pushing and playing, before some arse-fun and riding-crop action in the bedroom….

After that, I shot Evie by herself in the kitchen (and GOD DAMN there’s a lot to take into account! Shadows, pose, light, distortion, focus, exposure….). She’s so cute and sexy, photogenic and cheeky, I’m sure you’ll all fall in love with her! The 21 year old spunk is super keen for many more girl/boys with her man, outdoor solo shoots and some raunchy girl/girls as well! Now all we have to do is find her someone as gorgeous as herself to fuck!

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