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bob and melody

We all piled into the car to pick up Annie’s friend who was going to act as our security guard for the day. On the way Annie explained where we were going to do it and the concept for the shoot, it was to be filmed under the highway overpass in a car park and reminiscent of the “dogging” craze that’s popular in Britain right now….There were a fair few people about. Too many people. Some cycling, some sitting around in cars, some there for a sneaky bonk in the bushes, even a couple of park rangers in fluorescent vests who patrolled the area intermittently.
She sucked his cock with her ass up in the air while passers-by were shocked by what they thought they saw, some doubling back for a second glance…. After a bit of slippery, sensual sucking, and Melody almost getting impaled on the gear stick, we decided to change locations to a place where he could lie down and she could get on top for a ride.

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