Two Girls Painting The Wall End Up Licking Cunts And Asses

Girls Out West: Two Girls Painting The Wall End Up Licking Cunts And Asses

Lovely brunette hottie Amber Rose is working hard to get a wall painted but there is a hot busty MILF named Chasey who keeps objecting the quality of her work. Chasey is willing to help though, turning the painting with rollers into fun. As they share a kiss it is apparent that this job is not going to be finished before they fuck each other properly. Kissing passionately, seductive Chasey gets Amber Rose naked to pleasure her orally. Stepping on the ladder with one leg, Amber Rose gets her delicious neatly trimmed cunt licked from the bottom. Then they swap positions and Amber has a taste of Chasey’s mature shaved pussy. Chasey deeply moans in pleasure as Amber Rose stimulates her clit with her tongue, leaving saliva on her gorgeous ripe labia. Licking and fingering her vagina soon makes her come. Such a massive orgasm makes Chasey wanna more of this wonderful girl/girl play and she starts to give Amber Rose a nice lesbian rimjob. After fingering her to a climax, it’s time to give Chasey another round of analingus and pussy-eating.



Amber Rose & Chasey – Wet Paint [FULL VIDEO]

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