Short Haired Ginger Rubs One Out

Short Haired Ginger Rubs One Out

When it’s cold outside, having a cup of coffee can sure warm a freezing girl up. Short haired chick Bertie comes inside carrying a cup of hot latte but instead of enjoying the coffe, this slender redhead starts to touch herself. Wearing just a long unbuttoned coat on her bare pale body and high leather boots, no wonder this beautie needs some warming up. Bertie grabs her nipples pressing and pulling them then her hands roam down her belly to her crotch reaching those nice thick ginger pubes. Standing up, she massages her hairy pussy, spreading the labia and letting the viewer see the lovely details of her vag in hot close-ups. You can see her hard clit peek out as pulls the hood, closing her eyes and panting quietly. Taking off the coat, she sits down on the wooden floor and pulls her pubes before lying down and paying some attention to her asshole too.


Bertie – Latte Chic

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