Behind The Scenes Blog Girl/Boy Action


Last week we shot a couple of sex-crazed teens from the wrong side of the track…. You may know them? They go by the names of Quinn and Ramone!! You’ve all been waiting patiently for it and the time is almost here…..

We started late that day… Ramone rocked up feeling nervous but looking and smelling pretty. We had access to a spectacular apartment that belongs to a ridiculously generous and lovely friend of Quinn’s, so once we’d loaded the car up we were off. The apartment was spectacular!! Amazing views of the city, the night lights twinkling seductively, fancy furniture all around looking sexy…. Quinn met us there looking cute as hell in her thigh-high socks and booty shorts!

We sipped drinks to get everybody in the mood while we set up and decided on the details, where to shoot, angles, story-line details… Quinn soon realised she’d left the pancake mix and fruit in her friend’s car! Oh no! So she and Annie went to the shops to get more while Ramone and I got to know Quinn’s generous friend, listening to his cool stories..

We started rolling once we’d set up.. It was all going swimmingly until it was time for the oil…. Quinn and Ramone scrambled around looking for it and eventually they did… Or so they thought!! I was like, “No! NO!! NOOOOO!!! That”s not oil!!!! It’s BOOOZE!!!” trying not to to interfere with the shoot but realising that we’d burn the whole place down if that had been used! I managed to stop her in time, so everything was cool

Once that part was over we had a little break, the pancake fumes were a little too much for everyone! We put the fan on and got back to it. Our naughty little couple retired to the bedroom where they fucked like rough little bunnies for ages!

We’re sure it’ll be worth the wait…

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