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Lovely Natalie Rubs & Toys Herself

Gorgeous dark haired babe Natalie has invited her girlfriend for a cup of tea. In the living room she makes sure the place looks cosy and romantic, lighting some candles while waiting. Unfortunately, the girl is late and Natalie is too horny to wait, so she lies down on the sofa covered with soft fluffy blanket and starts caressing herself. Titties get naked, puffy nipples erect and her playful fingers rub the white lace panties before putting them aside and penetrating her wet gash. Rocking her crotch up and down with fingers inside her vag, sexy Natalie masturbates lying on her back, then gets on her kneels sticking her beautiful ass out, and finger-fucks herself moaning loudly. Reaching for the long blue bumpy dildo she begins thrusting her squelching cunt, feeling the sexual arousal building up to the maximum, as the sex toy takes her to the point of orgasmic satisfaction. DOWNLOAD THE FULL HD UNCUT VIDEO NOW!

Natalie – Wanting & Waiting