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Lesbian Anal Play & Pony Fetish

When lesbian pussies are tired of orgasming over and over, it’s time to pleasure the pooper! Naughty brunette babe Dusty takes Emerald to the lounge room full of little ponies to make her weird fantasies happen. Standing behind Emerald, playing with her ponytail, hairy Dusty takes care of her shaggy ass crack penetrating it with the small pony. Then after applying some lube Emerald’s ass gets fingered to stretch it for a dildo with a tail attached, which matches her green hair color. Dusty’s unhaved anus is very tight when Emerald pushes the butt plug into it. Her tail is pinky and they both feel like horny ponies now, sitting next to each other and masturbating with anal toys inside. On the sofa, licking each other in the 69 position, the sloppy oral pleasuring is mutual and their deep moaning signals that marvelous climax is about to occur.


Dusty & Emerald – Purple Pony Fantasy Part #2