Kara has a face of an angel. Sweet, young and sinless UNTIL the sexy inner devil appears. She sits on the bed with her legs wide apart. She lifts up her blue dress and her tight, blonde curls fall over her face. She forces a stocky, pink vibrator into her hot middle of pleasure and her pussy lips absorb deeply on it.Her tongue is pierced, wouldn’t you love for it to tantalise your knob! It almost appears inconceivable for her pussy lips to consume the bulbous pink end! But you can see it all materialise in glorious colour. She feels a thumping from behind in her shy clit and dampens her finger in readiness. All of a sudden it’s there in her asshole. She plays with her butt hole as she arouses her juice pot but she desires more. She will leave you with a grin of gratification that you won’t be able to forget!

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