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jette flashing

There’s nothing like a spontaneous solo shoot, especially when the bubbly and curvaceous Jette is involved! It was a pretty miserable, drizzly Autumn day. We arrived at Jette’s house, a lovely deco-ish apartment, in the afternoon, she greeted us in a short and pretty floral dress, gorgeous red hair painstakingly pinned up in victory curls (a 50’s style ‘do) and her trade-mark twinkly smiles and giggles.

Jette and Julez’s love nest is crammed with DVDs of all kinds, everything from Buffy to a Gordon Ramsey box set. Marilyn Monroe pictures hang proudly on the walls (she’s Jette’s Idol, you know) with lots of cute little photos of their friends, family and each other pinned around as well. Her brand-new bunny rabbit and kitten, Starbuck (named after the ultra-hot character in the new Battlestar Galactica) milled around lazily while we chatted, fleshing out the idea for her impromptu PUBLIC FLASHING VIDEO…

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