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Hairy Lesbians Fuck By Their Pony

Cuddling up to a pinky plush pony, pigtailed brunette babe Dusty wants to take some cute selfies with her hot green haired friend Emerald using her new selfie stick. Naughty Emerald loves showing her cleavage to the camera and as soon as they find out that the phone is shooting video instead of photographing a dirty idea of making a fuck video comes to mind as they begin to tongue-kiss tenderly. Emerald sucks Dusty’s fingers, making her wet before removing her panties to lick the bush and stuffing them into Dusty’s mouth as she gets comfy on the pony. Emerald then dives deep into Dusty’s muff, licking the thick pubes and penetrating the cunt with a lollipop, while still getting filmed with the phone. Standing up, leaning against the wall, Dusty shares a lollipop with her horny pussy-licker and enjoys receiving a thorough cunnilingus. Back down on her soft pony, the oral stimulation continues and small titted Dusty moans from pleasure experiencing her orgasm. Emerald plays a disobedient girl as she puts up resistance when Dusty tries to strip off her pantyhose, causing a small jolly girly fight, before Emerald finally lets her eat out her hairy pussy too. Dusty’s licking, grinding and fingering of the moist beaver makes Emerald come fast!


[flv:Dirty-babes-Emerald-and-Dusty-lick-hairy-cunts-by-their-plush-pony.flv 592 333]

Dusty & Emerald – Purple Pony Fantasy Part #1