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Hairy Lesbian Cunts Sucked Outdoors

A busty pale ginger from Girls Out West, Abby, wanders in the streets, looking for some opportunity to fuck a hot Australian lesbian like her. Using a mobile phone to find a matching partner turns out to be very effective as this randy amateur girl gets a hook-up offer from another redhead called Panda. Curvy Panda lives nearby and quickly takes Abby to the backyard for the ultimate sexual experience! As they start to kiss passionately, Panda sits down onto Abby’s knees to offer her juicy big boobs for licking. Cute Abby sucks Panda’s large nipples and areolas while tickling her cunt lips which gets her wet and turned on. Panda can’t wait to get her hairy pussy licked off and Abby doesn’t hasitate to show her perfect oral skills between Panda’s legs. Licking the meaty clit while fingering the pink twat, Abby makes Panda climax with deep breathing and moaning, as she sits naked in the armchair. After Abby takes a pee over the plants, the two amateur girls end up on the ground where Panda kisses Abby’s slender body, crawling down to get a mouthful of her pubes. Fingers slide in and she drills her vag while the Girls Out West ginger with freckles rubs her own clit, reaching an orgasm and releasing some thick creamy fluid down there. Still not enough for their naughty meeting, these hairy lesbians want more fun! Leaning against the door, Panda gets her meaty labia sucked again when Abby sticks her angelic face into the bush and gets it repaid with some nice anal rimming and vaginal fingering!


[flv:Girls-Out-West-Aussie-lesbian-redheads-lick-and-finger-their-hair-cunts-outdoors.flv 592 333]

Abby & Panda – It’s A Match (FULL LENGTH)