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Hairy Hotties Laney & Olive Play With Cucumber

Girls Out West : Hairy Hotties Laney & Olive Play With Cucumber

Hot lesbian girls Laney and Olive have been at the local market and have picked out the freshest and most phallic produce that’s on offer. They ride their bikes home with their dresses flying up in the wind, giving us a peek at their cute panties. Once they arrive home they begin unpacking their groceries. Olive stocks the fridge as Laney hands her the produce. “Can you pass me the cockumber?” Olive asks. Laney looks at her puzzled, but knows deep down that Olive is craving a little something inside her hairy pussy!

Olive and Laney begin making out passionately, undressing each other one item of clothing at a time. They take turns passionately licking each other’s hairy vaginas while using a girthy cucumber to penetrate. They lick each other’s armpits with long strokes of their tongues, tasting the sweat that they’ve worked up while getting hot and heavy. If you think the video couldn’t get any more exciting, you’re very wrong! Laney and Olive lay on the kitchen floor, sharing a long cucumber between them, using it as a double ended dildo. They play with their clitoris’ as they gyrate their hips on the phallic veggie until both babes have reached a very satisfying orgasm!