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Hairy Amateur Tamzin Shower RAW

After playing a strict corporate lady on her first Girls Out West photoshoot, our hairy pale newbie Tamzin went to the well-known shower to show a little bit more of her in a RAW video with no crew present. Putting her dress, underwear and glasses off, she turns on the shower and feels the water soaking her milky skin of her natural curvy body. As Tamzin lathers her big boobs and hairy pussy up with the bath sponge, it stimulates her erogenous zones, turning her on. Grabbing a vibrator she rubs her bush a little bit, then continues to do her hygiene routine as if she were struggling with the sinful temptation to get off as soon as possible. Washing off all the suds, she turns off the faucet and takes the sex toy eagerly. After applying a small amount of lube, amateur Australian girl Tamzin toys her sensitive furry cunt, moaning and squirming from the pleasure and cumming quickly in orgasmic spasms! DOWNLOAD IN FULL HD BY JOINING GIRLS OUT WEST!

[flv:Girls-Out-West-pale-hairy-amateur-Tamzin-shower-masturbation-raw-video.flv 592 333]

Tamzin – Shower RAW (FULL VIDEO)