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Girls Out West Whipped Cream

Since you have seen the photos of our new amateur babe Ivory, I am sure many of you have been looking foward to watch some video featuring her.. And here it is! Ivory is a 20 year old natural blondie and if you got the feeling that she  is a shy girl, you are wrong. Ivory likes fucking and she tries doing it everywhere she can, like in the shower or in a tent, which is not unusual but doing it at the cemetery, well that is a bit bizzare! 😉 In this Girls Out West video Ivory tries something sweet and that is the exact name of the clip. Whipped cream sprayed and rubbed around her perfect body and sucking a banana like a hard cock makes you think what else featuring this beautie we have for you! This one is softcore but fucking hot!

[flv:Girls-Out-West-video-blonde-Ivory-whipped-cream.flv 592 333]

Girls Out West – Ivory Something Sweet