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frances and rosie – behind the scenes

Yesterday we went for a little trip to our favourite abandoned mansion for what must be shoot number six by now! Frances and I got down and boogied to some rock n’ roll wearing some little tiny denim cut-offs and even tinier shirts…. We got there around 1 in the arvo and set to work scouting out the best room for some nice girly lovin’. As usual, I brought way too much stuff so we had to sift through it all to find some outfits that looked good together. We settled on our look but my cut-offs and singlet were both much too long. We didn’t have any scissors so we were forced to use some broken mirror we found on the ground. Frances took over and did a damn good job considering our tools!

Frances is a lot of fun to fool around with, so hypo in the best, most entertaining way. She’s got oodles of confidence but also a vulnerability that makes her oh-so-delicious! Ah! I almost forgot about her fucking killer body!! Damn are those boobies nice or what?! Tasty too!!! Not to mention her sexy booty…

Xox, Rosie

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