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Darcy Fucks Her Beaver With Carrot

Dressed in loose flowered gown, pale redhead Darcy is in the kitchen heading to the fridge for a glass of cold water to quench her thirst. As she drinks, she spills the water over her bare boobs and hairy pussy which tempts her sinful hand to touch the wet bush. Grinding and spreading the meaty unshaved cunt lips as she stands there, it gets Darcy going. Feeling hungry and horny at the same time she looks for some object in her fridge that would fit her cunt and give her pleasure. A carrot is the perfect choice and she introduces it into her hole, moaning and touching her breast. Bending over, fiddling with her asshole while fucking herself, amateur girl Darcy can’t get enought of the heavenly penetration that makes her fall in love with veggies. Sitting in the fridge she keeps masturbating as her breath quickly deepens and it takes little time till she screams from a great orgasm. WATCH DARCY’S CARROT MASTURBATION HERE!

[flv:Redhead-Darcy-masturbates-with-carrot.flv 592 333]

Darcy – Chilling Out