damiana and feather canola fields

Damiana and Feather are hippy-chicks, loving everything about nature-especially being naked in it! Out strolling in the canola fields, our lovely nature babes stop for a sniff, flashing us their pretty panties.. Inspired by the beauty of the little yellow flowers, they softly kiss….Aching for some sexy Spring sun on their bodies they strip their little dresses off and throw down a blanket. They bend over backwards trying to get some sun where it doesn’t normally shine! Warmed up now, they take turns at pouncing on each other, kissing and grinding…

They lie back to compare vaginas coming to the conclusion that Damiana’s neatly trimmed little pink pussy is the perfect contrast to Feather’s wild and untamed ladygarden. They take turns giving each other sensual massages before playing a sexy game of stacks-on!

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