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Curvy Lesbians Have Tantric Sex

Fascinated by tantra we have been shooting more and more scenes of Australian girls practicing this kind of body ritual. Here is the preview of the latest Girls Out West tantric video featuring Shakti and Christina, titled Water Blessing and as the name suggests, it is going to be about water and wetness between their legs! Kneeling in front of a bowl filled with water and petals, the girls bare their beautiful natural breasts and use the petals to spread drops of water around each other’s areolas. Kissing slowly, the mood for tantric lesbian sex gets quickly set as they get to suck those erect nipples mutually and lie down craving oral sex. Shakti gets a mouthful of Christina’s tasty pubes, pushing a finger inside and massaging the g-spot until she achieves a great long lasting orgasm breathing deeply during the enormous influx of sexual pleasure. Shakti’s clitoris is throbbing and Christina is eager to take it in her mouth. Giving intensive cunnilingus, fucking her bald cunt with fingers, curvy babe Christina makes Shakti cum shortly which causes a rapid release of tantric energy in Shakti’s beautiful body! JOIN GIRLS OUT WEST FOR REAL TANTRIC ORGASMS!

Christina & Shakti – Water Blessing (FULL VIDEO)