Girl/Boy Action

Boy/Girl Couple Fuck In A Camper Van

Getting out of town and escaping to the country is not always easy. One must navigate on the navigational device and maneuver tight corners. It’s hard when you are young and in love, and easily distracted by your hot partner sitting beside you, looking sexy, in the front bench seat of a camper van. And GIRLS OUT WEST model Eloise and her boyfriend Romain are about as sexy as you can get!

Eloise and Romaine seek solace and someplace lonely to fuck each others brains out. A sense of urgency prevails as the nick down a back street, pash on with hungry mouths kissing and sucking and exchanging bodily fluids.

Jumping into the back, where a used mattress awaits, they go for it with some much gusto, its breathtaking. He sucks her toes whilst penetrating her deeply with his impressive cock. She is moving around vigorously, enjoying every inch of his cock. She’s a beautiful French girl and their sex is FANTASTIC!

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