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angie and blaire

Some shoots are more wild and passionate than others. Angie and Blaire was what the youth of today would call SICK!! It went off!!
The shoot was booked in for Saturday afternoon, we had a luxury room with views of the bay, and pier, and the setting with boats, yachts, and navy ships excited us ….. we were so excited we shot the intro on the pier in front of the boats, at sunset…. what a rush that was…

The whole day whizzed by in a frenzy of girlie giggles and laughter. Staying at the same hotel was a wedding party, so we felt we could just blend, Annie playing the long lost Auntie – weilding big cameras around, and Angie and Blaire the wayward nieces that have fallen off the rails…. We were in disguise, and cocktails in hand, was our cover…

Now, here’s some photographic proof that at we care.

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