We at Girls Out West worship natural beauty and girls that proudly let their bush grow! So here is our latest competition called BEST OF THE BUSH!

Help us choose the best hairy pussy on! Pick the bushy pics you like the most and post them in this thread on our GOW forum. Please, do not use the bonus pictures and keep in mind that the contest ends on the 19th of July!

Decide which hairy beaver will be the winner! 😉

Girls Out West - Hairy Contest




Tell us about your “first time”.
The first time penetration occurred with the opposite sex (or same sex is ok good)

The story can be funny, or dark and macabre, or horrifying, or erotic, or sad, or ouvertly perverse. It could make us cry,m or make us laugh, or make us want to fiddly with ourselves at the work desk. Bring it on! Don’t hold back).

The best story wins a PRIZE!

Haiku Us! Write it & win stuff. It’s all about GoW.

Fancy Putting Pen to Paper?

Want do win stuff and influence people? Write a short about the GirlsOutWest Models and/or site in general and you could win stuff.

What is Haiku?

Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry that is 3 lines long. 5 syllables in the first line. 7 in the 2nd then 5 in the 3rd…

Entries Close 1st November.
If Haiku is too hard we may accept any little catchy sentences that sum up what we’re all about here at GoW.

Rosie will judge the competition.

Prizes range from used panties to new DVD of GoW Xmas Orgy with all your favourite models fucking for fun.

What we are looking for

Little phrases of poetic Haiku that encapsulates what you get at GoW.

We want to hear from your perspective what you think.

Share your thoughts, entertain the like-minded, be read, be seen, win stuff!


Win Prizes!
Show it off to your peers and us girls!

Submit pictures of your cock and win fabulous prizes – Orgy DVD, used panties, etc.

  • Submit your pictures on this thread.
  • If you want to remain completely anonymous, send Rosie a PM and she will submit them on your behalf.
  • More than 1 picture is ok. Submit as many as you like.
  • Deadline for Submissions is Wednesday 31st August
  • Lots of Prizes to win, for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

(Orgy DVD, used panties, signed photos etc… – details will be announced close to the deadline)

There are no rules – could be flaccid, erect, artsy fartsy, erotic, with food, with a friend, with pubes, without pubes…

Rosie will judge the pictures and manage the competition.

Rating System:
Rosie will rate your cock picture from 1/10 (extra points for creativity).

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