damiana and feather – outback orgasm pt3

Damiana and Feather are hippy babes enjoying the feel of soft afternoon sun on their naked bodies. They soak in their environment and each other, sucking and nibbling on each other’s nipples… Pausing occaisionally for slow, passionate make out sessions. This sweet little vid ends with some fun bts, a chat with some near-by fishermen, […]

damiana and feather – outback orgasm pt2

Damiana, all relaxed and content from the naughty massage she received form Feather in part one decides to return the favour. Damiana’s tender touch turns Feather on and the orgasms start to sweep over her as she activates her tantric magic. They wank side-by-side, Damiana’s neat pink pussy is the perfect contrast to Feather’s wild, […]

damiana and feather – outback orgasm pt1

Hangin’ out by the river, young, cheeky Damiana complains to Feather that she’s all sore from being hunched over the computer for too long. She quickly ascertains that the lovely, furry Feather is somewhat of an expert at massage! She asks Feather ever-so-politely if she would mind helping her to relieve some of her tension… […]

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